Kara Maria


 Kara’s art depicts her love of animals, nature, dreams, places, and stories. In acrylic painting she is self-taught, and only began painting at the age of 18 after she received a set of basic acrylic colors as a Christmas gift from her older sister. Kara earned her Bachelor’s degree in English from Sacramento State and her Master’s degree in US literature from the University of Edinburgh. Her art is influenced by her literary background and analytical nature. She creates art that tells a story magnified by fluorescent colors and iridescent rays of light. Kara began showing her work in 2009 and has been featured at various venues in the Sacramento region such as Gallery 14, The Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center, and The Red Dot Gallery, and the Plum Café & Bakery, as well as Tango Frozen Yogurt in Auburn and the Colfax Greek Bistro in Colfax. Kara has also volunteered her artistic skill to design event announcements for events such as the 2012 Women Take Back the Night rally as well as the 2012 Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services volunteer appreciation event. She is the illustrator of George Eisman's A Guide to Vegan Nutrition, Stewart Rose and Amanda Strombom's In Pursuit of Great Food: A Plant-Based Shopping Guide and Robin Raven's Santa's First Vegan Christmas. As an artist, Kara’s goal is to disseminate positive messages, represent important causes, explore new perspectives, and generate social sympathy. Apart from being an artist, Kara is a Sacramento native, mother of three beautiful cats, and proud vegan.